BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
weboswebOS: Add mode changeJonghen Han16 months
testwindows test fixes IOT-3176 and PM fixeskousthubha16 months
feat-atomicmeasurement[IOT-3121] Fix rts values of Collection ResourceMushfiqul Islam Antu16 months
feat-linkupdate-and-collection-access-control[IOT-3121] Fix rts values of Collection ResourceMushfiqul Islam Antu16 months
master[IOT-3121] Fix rts values of Collection ResourceMushfiqul Islam Antu16 months
feat-bridging-zigbeeMerge branch 'iotivity-cloud' reverifyOndrej16 months
zigbee-bridgingMerge branch 'iotivity-cloud' reverifyOndrej16 months
iotivity-cloud IOT-3234 fix discovery request creatingPeter Rafaj16 months
1.3-rel[IOT-3047] Request to csr creates a new credentialOleksandr Andrieiev18 months
nhs-testMerge "Merge branch '1.4-rel' (758fc4a)"Mats Wichmann18 months
1.4-rel[IOT-3140] Revert PSK callback at resetAleksey Volkov19 months
1.2-relextlibs: Use patch as fallback and trap errorsPhilippe Coval2 years
cloud-interfaceAdd comments to websocket adapter codeHarish Kumara M2 years
easysetup[EasySetup] Fix links in baseline & ll responseAnkur Bansal3 years
smarthome_apiApply doxygen comment in each file.Glen Youngjin Kim3 years
mbedtls[IOT-2300] Call callback when delete roles resourceGreg Zaverucha3 years
multiple-device-supportCopy between devAddr/endpoint rather than casting since fields varyDave Thaler3 years
iot-1785Merge branch 'master' into iot-1785Kevin Kane3 years
1.2.1_with_bridgingSupport for partial chroma resource updation in hue pluginvijendrx3 years
notification-serviceUpdate notification sample build.KIM JungYong3 years
generic-java[IOT-1089] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into generic-javaGeorge Nash3 years
1.1-reltizen: Only package libuuid1.so if presentPhilippe Coval3 years
wsi-devUpdate from latest iotivity-node.Sanjeev BA3 years
endpoint[IOT-1361]Change "CAFindInterfaceChange()" to support IPv4/6bg.chun3 years
tlsTCPServer's CAReceiveMessage fixAndrii Shtompel4 years
notification-managerNotification Service as per new architecturenikhil.a4 years
extended-easysetupUpdate Mediator sample App.Jihun Ha4 years
tlsportingFixed build error for Arduino MegaAbhishek Sharma4 years
windows-portPrepare for merge. Improved consistency and style.David Antler4 years
experimental-lite-stackThis adds the tinycbor needed for Light IoTivity versionJohn Light4 years
tls_portingFix typo "Model" is correct spelling not "Modle"Philippe Coval4 years
cttUpdate ITT for 1.1 iotivityGihongKim4 years
resource-containerMerge branch 'master' into resource-containerMarkus Jung4 years
ios-porttizen: Fixed RHSampleApp project file to use SDK path separatorPhilippe Coval4 years
CKM-1.1Fix for jira issue IOT-1087.Harish Kumara Marappa4 years
iotivity-nodeadded some comment in here and there in pdu.h/c.jihwan.seo4 years
simulatorVerification of requests at server side and responses at client side.Harish Kumara Marappa4 years
security-cbor-conv-1.1Increase index of arrayYonggoo Kang4 years
security-cbor-p-raml1.1Fix buildscript on tizen buildJee Hyeok Kim4 years
security-cbor-convCreate sample dat file for provisioning sample.Yonggoo Kang4 years
group-managerRemove duplicated statements in sceneclient applicationJihun Ha4 years
1.0.0-devFix for IOT-769. Sets the uri in OCRepresentationhyuna0213.jo4 years
softsensor-samplesLocation Tracking Sensor - Container get sensor data from bundle and put thos...Duseok4 years
nfc-transportMerge branch 'master' into nfc-transportAshok Channa4 years
security-CKMCKManager wrapperAndrii Shtompel4 years
resource-encapsulation-js[Web API] Fix for device duplication issuekarthick4 years
as-noti-samplemodify resource type name used in server builder unittestsMinji Park5 years
security-summitFix segmentation fault problem after discovery.Randeep Singh5 years
plugin-interfaceEnable ZigBee eventing in Plugin Interface through to IoTivity.Joseph Morrow5 years
resource-directoryOCMulticast start and stop APIsHabib Virji5 years
resource-encapsulationMerge "Merge branch 'master' into resource-encapsulation" into resource-encap...Madan Lanka5 years
zpluginzAdded Telegesis & Zigbee Wrappers, mapping logic, and plugin interface.Joseph Morrow5 years
remote-access2Merge RA branch to masterSakthivel Samidurai5 years
security-cborAdd CBOR conversion for SVRSakthivel Samidurai5 years
routing-managerMerge branch 'master' into routing-managervimala.v5 years
security-basecampRemoved some warnings from security code.Sachin Agrawal5 years
0.9.2-devWorked Around GCC 4.6.3's Bool issueErich Keane5 years
resource-manipulationReplaced Watching word to Monitoring in ResourceClientJay Sharma5 years
ipcam-streamingFix memory leak in caqueueingthreadChetan Toshniwal5 years
blockwise-transferMerge branch 'master' into blockwise-transferhyuna0213.jo5 years
remote-accessAdded XMPP API stubs & initial hooks for wiring XMPP into the RA adapterCharlie Lenahan5 years
cbor-conversionFix security owner transfer flow issuesSakthivel Samidurai5 years
ipv6[CA] Fixed sample app code for Tizen and Arduinokoushik.girijala5 years
single-threadMake git ignore libraries and tinydtls binaries.Ossama Othman5 years
darwin-objcMerge branch 'master' into darwin-objcCharlie Lenahan5 years
0.9.1-devAdd script license headers.Charlie Lenahan5 years
security-M3Added PolicyEngine check for request coming from doxm.devOwner (or equiv).Sachin Agrawal5 years
android-apiModify PPM Sample Application and Plugins for AndroidYounghyunJoo5 years
connectivity-abstractionGlib patch for Gnome-glib android buildRahul Rahul5 years
ca-ipv6Fixed Klocwork errors in InProcClientWrapper.cppErich Keane5 years
control-manager[control-manager] Aligned the Scon build script structure to follow the hiera...Manjunath Doraiswamy5 years
build-systemRemoved executable bit from non-executable files.Ossama Othman5 years
android_port_M2Merge "Initial check in for android porting" into android_port_M2Patrick Lankswert5 years
releaseRemoved encrypted PDF files from Protocol Plugin documentation.William R. Dieter5 years
staging-M1Removed encrypted PDF files from Protocol Plugin documentation.William R. Dieter5 years
2.0.0commit fbfca9065c...Nathan Heldt-Sheller20 months
1.4.0-RC3commit fbfca9065c...Philippe Coval21 months
2.0.0-RC1commit fbfca9065c...Philippe Coval21 months
1.4.0-RC2commit ea7545effc...Nathan Heldt-Sheller22 months
1.4.0-RC1commit 7907823a32...uzchoi2 years
1.3.1commit 633dc231b8...Abitha Shankar2 years
1.3.1-RC7commit 633dc231b8...Abitha Shankar2 years
1.3.1-RC6commit d698f81a3f...Abitha Shankar2 years
1.3.1-RC5commit 6f6a467358...Abitha Shankar2 years
1.3.1-RC4commit ac809aaf61...ABITHA SHANKAR2 years
1.3.1-RC3commit 690545bb07...ABITHA SHANKAR2 years
1.3.1-RC2commit 8866bde181...ABITHA SHANKAR3 years
1.3.1-RC1commit 9d657f1c91...ABITHA SHANKAR3 years
PF13_PREcommit d4353319ad...Uze3 years
1.3.0commit a532ef729f...uzchoi3 years
1.3.0-RC3commit cf42b3ed6f...uzchoi3 years
1.3.0-RC2commit 604bc6a736...uzchoi3 years
1.3.0-RC1commit 4b3054591e...uzchoi3 years
1.2.0-testcommit 08e1743f06...Mushfiqul Islam Antu3 years
1.2.1commit 0c90ca6ffc...uzchoi3 years
1.2.1-RC2commit 573fb53c38...uzchoi3 years
1.2.1-RC1commit 3bdc51bd41...Philippe Coval3 years
1.2.0commit 1a2e71f9c4...Jaehong Jo3 years
1.2.0-RC4commit 1a2e71f9c4...Jongmin Choi3 years
1.2.0-RC3commit 5a3f96d0dc...uzchoi4 years
1.2.0-RC2commit 40c004d56a...Sunil Kumar K R4 years
1.1.1commit 83801cb90a...Markus Jung4 years
1.1.1-RC3commit 04bdbb7690...Markus Jung4 years
1.1.1-RC2commit 9b4bfc9c50...Markus Jung4 years
1.1.1-RC1commit 5f3c5825e6...uzchoi4 years
1.1.0commit 1a516be1b2...Markus Jung4 years
1.1.0-RC3commit f99a2dc912...Markus Jung4 years
1.1.0-RC2commit d29a3c12ed...Markus Jung4 years
1.1.0-RC1commit 22932f7aef...Markus Jung4 years
submit/contrib_common/20160302.162290commit 0c8ce7ace4...Philippe Coval4 years
1.0.1commit 08a41d6c61...Markus Jung4 years
1.0.1-RC1commit 08a41d6c61...uzchoi4 years
1.0.0commit e12c8a3bbd...uzchoi4 years
1.0.0-RC3commit e12c8a3bbd...uzchoi5 years
1.0.0-RC2commit d55f583982...uzchoi5 years
1.0.0-RC1acommit 261fd61413...hoejoo5 years
1.0.0-RC1commit 7033427e9b...Patrick C. Lankswert5 years
0.9.2commit ad8521cced...hunje.yeon5 years
0.9.2-RC3commit ad8521cced...Madan Lanka5 years
0.9.2-RC2commit 91415dfd1b...Sachin Agrawal5 years
0.9.2-RC1commit 63935648f5...hunje.yeon5 years
0.9.2-betacommit b6269c9472...Erich Keane5 years
0.9.1commit aac77352ee...Erich Keane5 years
0.9.1-RC1commit aac77352ee...Patrick C Lankswert5 years
0.9.1-alpha1commit 71d4ed1e74...Patrick C Lankswert5 years
Plugfest-1commit 8af902d5c3...Sudarshan Prasad5 years
0.9.0commit abd78803c9...Patrick C Lankswert5 years
0.9.0-CAcommit 7e4ed6ed31...Patrick C Lankswert5 years
0.9.0-CMcommit 45dcbe9ec4...Patrick C Lankswert5 years
0.9.0-CM-RC1commit cec4d41595...William Dieter5 years
0.9.0-CA-RC1commit 16016cc04d...William Dieter5 years
0.9.0-RC1commit 2c5651c796...William Dieter5 years
M1commit f988e7a3e5...unknown5 years
M1-RC5commit 168479c458...William R. Dieter5 years
M1-RC4commit be876dd03c...William R. Dieter5 years
M1-RC3commit 4ef8320edc...William R. Dieter6 years
M1-RC2commit cdeeed62bd...Patrick Charles Lankswert6 years
M1-RC1commit 50cf353dee...Patrick Charles Lankswert6 years