AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-07-17Removed cout statements from source file.HEADmasterMandeep Shetty1-4/+0
2015-07-17Removed libsafec dependency since source for libsafec was taken down.Mandeep Shetty17-25/+48
2015-06-19Added a flag to disable functional tests (tests that communicate withRobert Cole14-16/+108
2015-06-17resolve unresolved symbols on linuxCharlie Lenahan2-2/+11
2015-06-17Modifications to the xmpp client library code to downgrade from c++11 toRobert Cole22-83/+165
2015-06-09Added a bound_jid parameter to the RA XMPP on_connected callback toRobert Cole6-6/+28
2015-06-09Added exports for the RA_XMPP library to support linking through a sharedRobert Cole2-22/+44
2015-06-09Doxygen documentation for the RA XMPP client abstractionRobert Cole3-42/+517
2015-06-09Implementation and tests for XMPP service discovery and XMPP ping.Robert Cole14-37/+651
2015-06-03Fixed compile-time warnings in gcc 4.9.2 in the test code.Robert Cole9-54/+53
2015-06-01Misc fixes for LinuxCharlie Lenahan4-2/+6
2015-06-01wip build on darwinCharlie Lenahan29-151/+226
2015-06-01Initial implementation of a test to send receive messages between twoRobert Cole15-181/+660
2015-06-01Added a completed in-band registration test to the RA_XMPP codebase. ThisRobert Cole8-14/+227
2015-06-01Fixed an issue with a race condition between two parallel calls to closeRobert Cole9-41/+58
2015-06-01Added a test feature to allow plug-in client/server configuration forRobert Cole15-110/+505
2015-06-01Cleaned up alignment in ra_xmpp.h and started Doxygen file for the ra_xmppRobert Cole3-7/+2441
2015-06-01Moved the base64 encoding and decoding buffer behaviors to the base classRobert Cole8-259/+284
2015-06-01Update the ra_xmpp.h to better comply with Iotivity standards afterRobert Cole4-188/+174
2015-06-01Added behavior to support the high-level message-passing interface.Robert Cole6-37/+236
2015-06-01Completed basic RA_XMPP connect/disconnect behavior and added unit test toRobert Cole7-202/+363
2015-06-01Updated ra_xmpp interface to remove IBB-specific behaviors afterRobert Cole12-174/+421
2015-06-01Added a sync-event callback for open-stream and close-stream events in theRobert Cole9-272/+539
2015-06-01Linux build changes.Charlie Lenahan4-7/+17
2015-06-01Disabled incomplete compliance tests.Robert Cole1-49/+49
2015-06-01Initial commit of the squashed history of the ccfxmppclient XMPP clientRobert Cole151-0/+33468
2015-05-21Initial empty repositoryAric Gardner0-0/+0