AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-10-02Add support for Media Control and Audio Resourcesiot-liteLarry Sachs14-34/+994
2018-09-25Merge "UpnpBridge using IoTivity-Constrained" into iot-liteRick Bell25-2/+2724
2018-09-17UpnpBridge using IoTivity-ConstrainedLarry Sachs25-2/+2724
2018-09-13Update per CR 2259Larry Sachs2-8/+8
2018-08-14Use only non-deprecated PlatformConfig ctorsLarry Sachs8-14/+4
2018-05-01UpnpAvClientDemo uses new data models if availableLarry Sachs5-43/+459
2018-04-12Beginnings of OCF AV Data ModelsLarry Sachs18-63/+1736
2018-02-15Update build scripts and include headersGeorge Nash3-12/+14
2018-01-16Don't track /oic/d for cancel observeLarry Sachs1-19/+24
2018-01-11[IOT-582] Updates for Universal Android apkLarry Sachs2-2/+42
2017-12-12Remove bogus logging on ObserveLarry Sachs3-10/+2
2017-12-12Update for OCF Light ServersLarry Sachs8-148/+628
2017-07-27Fixed build issue for in UpnpGenericServiceGeorge Nash1-4/+11
2017-07-16Remove 'links' ResourcesLarry Sachs1-2/+25
2017-07-16Add try/catch for stoi() and stoul() callsLarry Sachs1-2/+14
2017-07-16Ensure cached device proxy is still validLarry Sachs1-0/+5
2017-07-16Change rt '.stateVariable' to '.statevariable'Larry Sachs1-1/+1
2017-07-16Ensure cached service proxy is still validLarry Sachs1-36/+43
2017-07-07Implement Service Actions via Put RequestsLarry Sachs2-25/+364
2017-06-30Add Resource Attrs for Actions/State VariablesLarry Sachs5-16/+269
2017-06-23Align Device and Service Attributes with specLarry Sachs15-53/+320
2017-06-02Add Generic Upnp Devices and Services to Upnp BridgeLarry Sachs18-99/+245
2017-05-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.3-rel'George Nash17-287/+617
2017-05-30Add devices to upnp bridge resource collection1.3.0Larry Sachs6-14/+103
2017-05-24Get Uri from OcRepresentation1.3.0-RC3Larry Sachs1-39/+16
2017-05-16Modify the code to place oic.d.light in a collectionGeorge Nash2-0/+26
2017-05-01[IOT-2183] Retreive URI from OcRepresentation1.3.0-RC1Larry Sachs2-10/+10
2017-05-01Plugfest fixes so farLarry Sachs5-67/+82
2017-04-19Update the README fileGeorge Nash1-19/+34
2017-04-18Handle resource removal on upnp device/service unavailable.Larry Sachs5-4/+66
2017-04-17Code CleanupGeorge Nash6-170/+0
2017-04-14Add oic.d.virtual resource type to each UPnP virtual resource.Larry Sachs2-9/+48
2017-04-13Add UpnpBridgeDeviceLarry Sachs4-8/+285
2017-04-11Cleanup unused varable warnings in callbacks1.3.0-RC2George Nash5-1/+13
2017-04-10Merge branch mpm_plugin into masterGeorge Nash14-63/+66
2017-04-07Fixed the get calls for binaryswitch and brightnessGeorge Nash2-28/+31
2017-04-07add oic.d.light for UPnP lightsLarry Sachs8-93/+240
2017-04-07Change uri so they don't start with /oic/Larry Sachs11-34/+34
2017-04-07Add name and uri attributes to servicesLarry Sachs3-6/+19
2017-04-07Removed the echoResponce functionGeorge Nash1-12/+4
2017-04-07Handle the pluginAdd requestGeorge Nash12-11/+553
2017-04-07Enable code for teh pluginScanGeorge Nash19-122/+1348
2017-04-07Initial work to start moving to the MPMGeorge Nash12-0/+1671
2017-02-06Update include paths so the octypes.h file can be foundGeorge Nash1-0/+1
2016-12-19Update for new iotivity directory structure.Larry Sachs3-7/+7
2016-12-19Check Resource Attributes Type before calling get().Larry Sachs1-55/+65
2016-12-13Update unit test paths in build scriptsGeorge Nash1-2/+2
2016-12-13Update for required include path.Larry Sachs1-1/+1
2016-09-01Add libconnectivity_abstraction.so to oic_libs for build scripts1.2.0-RC41.2.0-RC11.2.01.2-relljsachs3-3/+3
2016-08-26Fix activity life cycleljsachs4-7/+105